sudoku ? (need some help/advice how to close a surface)

 From:  Michael Gibson
1608.8 In reply to 1608.1 
Hi PaQ, if you have something like that all joined together before filleting, you can use the edge filleter to do it, it will create a kind of star fill in that area, like this:

But if you are modeling at a kind of lower level than that surface by surface, it will be a lot harder to get it done. Really it needs a Patch tool to do it well.

Patch is a lot different than Network, what Patch does is start by fitting a plane (that has many interior points in it, not just 4 corner points) through the curves, then starts pulling those points up and down from the plane to morph the plane into passing through the curves.

I would definitely like to add this into MoI in the future, but it is just a pretty finicky thing to make work well.

For now if you had to stay totally inside of MoI the way that Pilou shows of dividing things into 4-sided regions is pretty much the way that you would have to do it now.

- Michael