sudoku ? (need some help/advice how to close a surface)

 From:  PaQ
Hello Danny and Pilou !
Thanks to taking of you time :)

Well so far I had nothing better than Danny.
I think a have tried every combo of sweep and network, with many in between curves test ... but I didn't think about your version Pilou. The result was good enough for me.

That's said I give up and I've burned one of my save credit in rhino (only 3 left :P).
Looks like the patch command give a nice result for this kind of surface ... (something to add in my wish list :o))

I was thinking that patch and network were somehow the same, but I was wrong :P


Thanks for you help again !

(Having a lot of fun with Moi as usuall ...)

EDITED: 3 Dec 2015 by PAQ