Perpendiculars objects copies with duplication along path tool

 From:  Michael Gibson
1605.9 In reply to 1605.8 
Yup, Steve has the answer, you need to place your initial curve at the endpoint of the curve and then it will work as you expect.

Basically the movement and rotation that is applied by array curve starts with an initial reference frame of the start of the curve, then moves that frame as it travels along the curve.

Your curve is at some offset from the starting frame, so you are seeing that same offset applied to each copy.

I can kind of see what you were expecting, but it seems like it would be difficult to adapt the array on curve to work like that. Like for example say you said you wanted 5 copies of that object along that curve. But your object is not at 1/4 of the distance along that curve, so I guess I would make copies starting there and moving along one direction of the curve, but which direction? Right now array on curve avoids this problem by always using the entire extent of the curve.

- Michael