How to fix faulty 3dm file?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1604.11 In reply to 1604.10 
Hi Brian, that last one with the diagrams/snapshots was meant to illustrate this sentence that you had quoted:

"any time that you just sort of free-form position 2 pieces nearby each other without a snap"

In the example I show 2 curves, and the idea is to position them so that they touch end to end.

The first method is the "free-form" or "eyeballing" type method. This is the method that does not use an End object snap. It is the bad method - it is the way that can cause problems because it is just moving things with the mouse until objects just sort of look like they are close to each other. But if you zoomed in on them you would see that there is some space between them. That is a lot different then snapping them together to ensure that they are actually exactly touching end to end.

The second method that uses End object snap is the way to position 2 curves in such a way that they definitely touch each other instead of just being pretty close to touching.

Just moving things nearby each other is not generally good enough, especially if you want to start creating surfaces from those curves. The resulting surfaces will have gaps between them like the screenshot I showed earlier here:

If you use the second method that uses the "End" snap, that will avoid that kind of gaps-between-pieces problem.

- Michael