view (window update)

 From:  manz
Hi Michael,

The models I am building now are getting quite big in MoI and I am finding that rotating/moving around the model is quite "jerky". I have changed the settings for "view" by un-checking "add detail" "display hidden lines (curve/edges)" which helps a little, changing the "mesh angle" helps the most, but it does start to make a mess of the model when zooming in to crossing curve surfaces and can make selection an even more nightmare than it can be now.

My main question:

I see this slowdown, but when I select to output (for example obj) once the mesh in generated and the preview shows (the settings of this I have on shaded+edges) I find that the display updates a lot quicker (I can rotate/move around the object with ease). This is a little confusing, as I thought it would of been the other way around.
So, could you explain as to why I see this speed change?(why do I find the display updates quicker when more detail is on the screen~ (shaded view with edges), that while modeling~ (just shaded))

- manz