Nurbs Patch Modelling

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi PaQ,

> Well if it's about modeling a velociraptor, sure I will go for a
> sub-d package ... but if I want to create a bio-mechanical one,
> I would prefer to stay in MoI.

Well, you don't have to stay all in one or all in the other. For some models you may want to combine together different elements created in different tools.

> As I said in the other thread, it's sometimes hard to choose
> between nurbs of polys, where models require organic freedom
> but also industrial feeling/details.
> I remember a thread about creating a female robot head, this is
> exaclty the kind of mix I will love to do :)

I guess industrial is not quite the exact measure...

More specifically it is if the model has forms in it which can be defined very well by profile curves. That is the area where MoI's toolset will tend to make much quicker and more accurate work of the model than subd.

A lot of industrial / mechanical type shapes do tend to fall into that category though.

A "female robot head" could have many different styles I suppose - some of which may be more like a human face (and be better for subd), and some of which may be more primitive elements booleaned together which would work better in MoI.

Or if you had a combination of both, then probably a combination of both tools together would be best.

- Michael