Nurbs Patch Modelling

 From:  Michael Gibson
1596.19 In reply to 1596.14 
Hi Will,

> It's okay Michael, I think we're all just marveling at how
> Jinn was able to model so wonderfully using NURBS.

It's definitely very impressive!

But you have to be careful of a pretty big trap - just seeing someone's impressive result may prove that it is technically possible to achieve something, but it doesn't prove that it is practical to achieve it.

By which I mean if it takes you 3 years of training your skills and then a week of full time work for each model, that is just not going to be very practical for many other people even though it will get great results.

> I don't think we're expecting you to make make MOI into a
> crazy do everything modeler.

:) But that is a pretty natural thing to want. I just have to kind of try and reign in expectations a bit because it's just not practical for that to happen all of a sudden, it will take a fair amount of time to get stuff like new toolsets for different modeling styles implemented.

> I was just voicing that it would be nice for MOI to have
> something that really separates it from Rhino but I guess
> being that you also created Rhino, trying to seperate the two
> may be impossible since they're both your work! :)

Well, not only that but they are both NURBS modelers so certainly that will make for some similarities.

But MoI's interface is different than Rhino's by quite a bit. Things like selection, the display, how you activate tools and set options, all that stuff is different. That's not like a small amount of stuff, those are things that come into play for most every thing that you do...

I guess all that interface stuff seems like a big difference to me.

- Michael