Nurbs Patch Modelling

 From:  Michael Gibson
1596.17 In reply to 1596.16 
Hi Moe,

> I would request a few thing if possible in the next upgrade
> as a time saver if possible can you make the exporter give an
> option to either separate each of the patches or be able to
> say combine each patch this way you don't have to cut a 100
> objects into 1 layer such as in Lightwave or Modo.

I would like to add some more options to the exporter, but there is also a way you should be able to get this type of separation more quickly right now.

Start by exporting to the .obj format (instead of .lwo for this particular task), and make sure you have "Weld vertices along edges" turned off (expand the dialog by the little arrow to see this option).

Then after you export the .obj file, run the SeparateOBJ utility on it, which you can find here.

That will edit the OBJ file to mark each smoothing group section to be a different object, if you export with welding turned off each surface should form its own smoothing group so that will have the effect of breaking each surface into its own individual object and end up on its own layer inside of Modo.

If I understand what you want correctly, that should get the job done with just a couple of actions.

For combining instead of separating, you can use the MergeOBJ editor instead, which will combine everything in one obj file into just one single object.

> Last exporter thing would be nice would be to make the exporter
> also only export 4 point polys, I am sure this is a much harder
> thing to program but it would save a lot of time when trying
> to recombine the objects back together.

Yes, I have definitely heard from a lot of people who would like to have this. Unfortunately it is a quite difficult thing to program, it is going to be a while before I can attempt it.

- Michael