Nurbs Patch Modelling

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Hi there,
My last model I created was first done here all in patch modeling and yes it is a lot of work to re-combine the objects when bringing it into another program, but it really keeps a very smooth looking curvature as detail which I notice lacks in a lot of other Sub-D programs. I think my way of modeling has changed for the better at this point with Moi as the first building blocks. I would request a few thing if possible in the next upgrade as a time saver if possible can you make the exporter give an option to either separate each of the patches or be able to say combine each patch this way you don't have to cut a 100 objects into 1 layer such as in Lightwave or Modo. Last exporter thing would be nice would be to make the exporter also only export 4 point polys, I am sure this is a much harder thing to program but it would save a lot of time when trying to recombine the objects back together. Thanks for such a wonderful program though, the Boolean operation is out of this world in how it works! :)