Nurbs Patch Modelling

 From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
Wow!! Just logged on.
I started this thread 5 mins before I went to bed, logged on and it's full on in here.
Thanks guys, you've given me what I needed to know, great discussion.

Don't worry I come from an 'industrial' background in design and when I saw Jin's models I got excited. Now after my sleep, I've come back down to earth and realized that for me to achieve something like this I would need time, and a lot of it, I would have to leave the wife and sell the kids.

>>Even though I've always considered you the Miracle Programmer because you program so quickly and with few if any bugs in your programs, I don't think we're expecting you to make make MOI into a crazy do everything modeler.

I agree with WillBellJr I love the way MoI is now and any improvements will be icing on an already great product.