Nurbs Patch Modelling

 From:  Michael Gibson
1596.13 In reply to 1596.11 
Hi PaQ,

> Here's an helmet I did ... It's all sub-d. 90% of the model would
> be so easy to build in Moi (or any other nurbs software I suppose) ...

Yup, definitely looks like all the main helmet pieces would work well in MoI.

> but there is a detail (not very clear in the image sorry), there is a
> face behind all this tubes, not very detailled, but still enough that
> I have no idea about how to build it in Moi.

But the solution is really straightforward - don't build that one particular piece inside of MoI.

Build the pieces that fit well in MoI inside of MoI and build the pieces that fit better in a subd modeler in a subd modeler...

There is no law against using more than one modeler to finish a project! :)

- Michael