Nurbs Patch Modelling

 From:  PaQ
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For exemple here are some models I made, they are not completely fit what I want to show, but it's just to give an idea ... and I have nothing better here :

Here's an helmet I did ... It's all sub-d. 90% of the model would be so easy to build in Moi (or any other nurbs software I suppose) ... but there is a detail (not very clear
in the image sorry), there is a face behind all this tubes, not very detailled, but still enough that I have no idea about how to build it in Moi.

Same here, all the body is mechanic and it was really time consuming in sub-d ... the skull was of course more funny, but really I would prefer to have
less details in the skull and be able to get a nice blending with the mechanic part for this model (I didn't have the energy to complete it).

An other exemple (not mine haha), I-robot ... you see what I mean about mixing organic and mechanic ?

But as you describe, it seems to be quite hard to blend patches even with all the tools available, and it requires a lot of work that probably I don't really evaluate.

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