Brompton (WIP)

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I ear you Michael, I have 10 years of sub-d modeling experience, so I have a good idea of what is possible to do with polys. Basically with 3 commands you can build everything you want. And that's also why I appreciate Moi so much today, Moi give me some fresh air, and I just never want to come back to polys for hard surfacing, architecture stuffs etc.

About the head sample you show, I'm not really impressed sorry :S That's exactly the kind of exemple where nurbs seems to fail for me, and I will never try to build a model like that ... but hey, that's nothing compared to Jinwoo Lee work.

I will never go that far of course, and I clearly understand that this guy has a lot of knowledge and experience ... but still, what kind of tool set do we need in Moi to do this kind of modeling (patch) ? I'm not talking here about artisan to create high density details and alll this stuff, but maybe just a way to build patch (network ?) and somehow nicely blend them together :o). (as we discuss here )

If I can use patch technique to build some simple but very organic shape, and then have access to all the traditionnal nurbs toolset (booleans, fillet, ...) to add mechanic details, then I will have a serious weapon in my hand :P

That's said, sorry for the thread hijacking ...