Sketch Up

 From:  Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
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You absolutly right! Moi is an "Skechup like"
Same tricky ergonomy, same facility, same fun to use!
You can use Sketchup in a free mode with "Google Sketchup"!
Quasi all principal functions of the Pro version for anyone : a lot of fun !
Only limitation in export you must use the SKP file format for your 3D objects
Any restriction in importation :)

Of course Sketchup is not in the same word of MoI : Architecture Box Modeling against nurbs design modeling :)
A very cool forum about architecture / design / Sketchup (Moi is yet over there :D

PS Maybe Google will buy back Moi a few time like Sketchup 6 month ago :)
Today it was You Tube :D

EDITED: 10 Oct 2006 by PILOU