Navigation question-request.

 From:  Michael Gibson
1582.9 In reply to 1582.1 
Hi PaQ - it should not be difficult for me to at least add some options in v2 for these 2 things.

But you mentioned coming from lw/modo/silo - I just gave Silo 2.0 a quick try and it seems to have the exact same view rotation behavior as MoI over here, that is that when you flip upside down, the "left-right" motion always creates the same kind of rotation around the world axis, so that can appear to be reversed from your local frame of reference when you are flipped upside down.

As far as I know I have completely standard settings in Silo - did you set a custom setting in Silo that has different behavior?

Also I just did a quick try of Rhino and Cinema4D over here, and they also have the same behavior as MoI and Silo...

I have noticed before that Maya does something different for this, that they reverse the rotation direction when you are upside down to make it act like you are describing. But that is not without its own problems - to do that means making a sudden shift in the rotation direction when you cross over the "pole" point. If you are doing rotations right near that transition point, that is kind of strange in that area that a small difference in vertical rotation suddenly shifts the mouse action. So that's why I didn't really decide to do that. It is especially weird when using the Rotate button on the toolbar that lets you do a kind of continuously moving rotation. With that reversal method, that movement appears to kind of "bounce" when it passes over the reversal point.

With the MoI method, there is no single "sudden shift point". There is actually a more consistent type of action if you try moving left and right as you also move up slightly in small steps.

- Michael