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 From:  Michael Gibson
1582.15 In reply to 1582.13 
Hi Steve,

> Why would you mention MoI as standard, when you add 2d
> manipulators/ widgets? Seems a little strange for you to
> put forward convention.

I'm not dead set on breaking convention just for the sake of breaking convention.

If I see some advantage to breaking convention then I'm not very hesitant about doing it, but like in this case PaQ was asking for MoI to work more like other apps, well it turns out that MoI is already working more like other apps in this case. So mentioning convention was definitely applicable to this conversation.

The 2D manipulators are intended to be familiar and use a convention similar to 2D illustration programs that a lot of artists are already familiar with. So adding those in to MoI is not like adding in some alien feature that nobody has ever seen before in any kind of software.

Sure, they haven't seen it before in 3D software, but in many cases 3D software has ignored 2D type methods too much.

- Michael