Navigation question-request.

 From:  Michael Gibson
1582.14 In reply to 1582.11 
Hi PaQ - just did some quick checking of Modo 203.

When using the little toolbar rotate in Modo, it seems to also behave exactly the same as MoI. I mean same exact behavior when you flip upside down.

Here I'm talking about the little one in the upper-right corner of the viewport, are you talking about some different one, or did this possibly change in the new version of Modo?

I do see that the Alt+Left click "in viewport" rotate is totally different than that though. Actually this is the kind of rotation that really bugs me quite a lot, where it doesn't keep me vertically oriented and above the x/y plane when I rotate towards the left. For me that makes me get twisted upside down way more easily than the "stay vertical" type rotation method.

This is the same type of rotation as the "rotate relative to view" option in Rhino.

The option that I was thinking of adding for you is different than this - I was thinking of adding the option to behave like Maya where it works like MoI currently does except if you have rotated "over the top" of the pole so that you are now upside down, it will reverse the left-right action to make it feel more local but still keep you in the "above the plane" type rotation method. This is the method that has the "bounce" effect in it when doing animated style continuous rotations but I think it will make it work more like how you expect.

- Michael