Navigation question-request.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi PaQ,

For the toolbar button, you probably want to set the option to reverse how it works, you can do that under Options dialog / View / Rotate/Pan/Zoom options / Reverse rotate button.

The rotate button is set by default to rotate by moving the camera around, like pushing to the left rotates the camera location towards the left. As the camera moves towards the left, objects in the scene will appear to move towards the right. If you enable the "Reverse rotate button" option, it will work more like you rotate objects towards the left when you move towards the left, that may suit you better.

Also with that button you don't want to make large movements with the mouse like you may normally do with the "in viewport" type rotate, just move it by a pretty small amount, like given the size of the button don't move it more than one button's length or so away from there. This can be nice for tablets because you can get action with only small movements of your hand. You can also adjust the sensitivity under that Rotate/Pan/Zoom options to reduce it still seems too sensitive for you.

I have looked at Modo before, but just not in detail at rotation, I'll check it out.

It does seem like MoI's behavior is more standard across a larger number of apps though.

- Michael