Navigation question-request.

 From:  PaQ
Hello Moidelers,

I will just post a little request about navigation. Something really stupid probably, but important enough for me so I decide to take the time to post this.
I'm used to switch from different application all the time, and I really enjoy Moi navigation ... However there is still one behavior that's I still don't get.

So here's a little picture, because it's something not really easy for me to explain.

Ok, so here's a default view, when the global Z-axis is pointing up. I rotate my view as expected, using the [ALT]+[LMB]+Sliding the mouse.
Sliding to the right make the view rotate anticlockwise, sliding to the left rotate clockwise ... nothing special here, it's a 'natural' behavior for me.

But now ...

Here I have rotated the view completely (upside down in english ?), so the global Z-axis is pointing down. Now I'm really disturbed by the rotate view
behavior. Sliding to the right make the view rotate clockwise, sliding to the left rotate anticlockwise. I really have the filling I'm doing a back out (?)
with my car, when I have to turn the steering wheel to the right when I want to turn to the left ^^

Does it make sence ? Now maybe it's a 'standard' navigation in common cad software, but coming from lw/modo/silo ... it's really strange.
(the rotation direction is allways the same, sliding the mouse to the right for an anticlokwise move and to the left for a clockwise one ... and that's whatever the direction of the Z axis is).

As a second request, is it possible to have an option for the zoom tool ([CTRL]+[ALT]), so I can slide horizontally to increase / decrease the zoom factor ... and not vertically like it behaves now. The reason is simple, whatever I'm using a tablet or a mouse, I always have more room horizontally on my tablet (16*9) or on my desk :).

I can understand that moi navigation can't be a mix between every package on the market, but just having an option to configure it would be really great ;).


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