MoI License

 From:  karter
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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the info about the USB....very simple method indeed.

> Also, when will V2 of MoI likely to be released and what will be the cost ?
>It will be a while, like maybe a year or so. Not really sure exactly. But beta versions will start to come >out pretty soon, probably just a couple of weeks from now. The cost for v2 has not been set yet.

> - I assume it will not be upgrade price but rather the same price as V1 ??
>There will definitely be an upgrade discount price for V1 owners, to be able to upgrade to v2 without >paying the full v2 cost.

I will wait for a the V2 betas to roll out and see if it is a good companion to Rhino then I will most certainly support MoI and make a purchase!!