Question on importing

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Stinkie, hi Pilou,

Pilou wrote:
> I believe that is quasi impossible to translate a polygon mesh to a
> nurbs mesh ;)
> (only structures, not the surfaces for complex objects!
> Like make an apple from the apple juice ;)

Yeah, the thing that especially doesn't work well is that curved surfaces in a polygon mesh file are made up of a large number of little tiny triangle or quad facets.

NURBS are not designed to work with little tiny individual pieces, they are more designed to have a curved surface as one single spline sheet.

It's possible to process a smooth NURBS sheet into a bunch of little polygon facets by dicing it up into pieces, but it is quite difficult to go the other way and take a bunch of little tiny polygon facets and try to reconstruct a single big smooth spline sheet from it.

Usually I compare this to how you can take apples and mash them into applesauce without a problem, but starting with applesauce it is really hard to get back to whole apples again.

Now, there is an exception to this - if your object in Sketchup does not have curved pieces in it and is made up of all large planar pieces, that that type of thing could be converted more properly over into NURBS where each large planar piece becomes a trimmed NURBS plane. I think there may be an option for this in the Rhino Sketchup Importer, so if your object is made like that, that could possibly work.

- Michael