Question on importing

 From:  Michael Gibson
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> <...> it should work when I convert the SU file to 3dm, right? I mean,
> that's the format that MoI uses ...

Hi Stinkie, MoI does use the .3dm format, but there are a lot of different kinds of things that can be stored in a .3dm file, like NURBS solids, polygon meshes, spotlights, dimensions, annotation text, etc...

MoI does not read every single kind of object out of a .3dm file, it only reads in NURBS surface objects, and single point objects.

What is probably happening, is that Deep Exploration is storing the SketchUp model into the .3dm file as a polygon mesh object - that is an object made up of triangle and quad facets.

Currently MoI does not work directly with that type of data, instead MoI uses NURBS surface data, which is a much different kind of 3D data than polygon mesh data.

It can be kind of difficult to go back and forth between MoI and SketchUp since the kind of data that they use is pretty different (polygons in SketchUp and NURBS in MoI).

You might try using Rhino for that, they may have an option over there to read in the SketchUp file and turn it into trimmed NURBS data instead of into polygon data, I'm not quite sure about that though.

- Michael