Object frame progress

 From:  Michael Gibson
1571.20 In reply to 1571.6 
Hi ash,

you wrote:
> Can i suggest that there is an option to turn them on/off?
> By viewport and on the fly (with key board shortcut), if possible.

There will definitely be a way to turn it off if you want to.

My plan at first is to have a checkbox for it on the Options dialog, and it will also be possible to set up a keyboard shortcut for it.

If it ends up being something that people turn on or off frequently, I could also put a button on the top level UI for it next to Object Snap. However, I'm pretty hesitant to add buttons to the top level unless they provide a significant benefit.

Right now my hope is that this frame will stay far enough out of your way that if you want to use them, you will just always leave them turned on instead of flipping them on or off all the time.

- Michael