Object frame progress

 From:  Michael Gibson
1571.19 In reply to 1571.5 
Hi Brian,

You wrote:
> Is there any problem with incorporation perhaps the
> more universal system?

There is a pretty big problem with that system - it shows up right directly in the middle of your object making it get in the way of just looking at your model.

That tends to make it something that can't just be turned on 100% of the time...

Maybe at some point in the future I might add that type of system as another alternative way, especially for working in the 3D view.

> It seems to be becoming pretty well the standard in
> most apps now.

Actually, I'm not familiar with any 2D illustration program that puts the manipulator right in the middle of your objects. Those programs all tend to have a kind of frame that goes around the outside of the selected objects instead of right on top of the objects.

One big goal I have with MoI is to make it feel more like a 2D illustration program when you are working in the Top, Front, or Right views.

- Michael