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Hi Petr,

>>>You can move an objects simple by dragging it. And that object's widget will move as well, logically

Yes, but that brings up further questions, possibly further problems, such as: Where is center of rotation:-

>>>e.g. a center of bounding box of a selection.

As asked, how would the center of rotation be changed, you could not simply click on the center pivot and move, as there is the possibility of moving the object instead, or, if you can click on and move pivot, then you could click to move object, but move pivot instead.

>>>How often do you need to scale/deform a 3D object by scaling 2D only.

In a freeform style modeling (that I do often), quite a lot, which I perform in a 2d view.

Widgets in a 3D application should be accessible in a 3D window. An implementation as mentioned by Brian could be accessible in the 3D view and also give easier access to pivot point.

Anyway, if this is implemented, then as long as I can completely disable it, then no problem. For me it is far easier to use current style, as this gives me (for rotate) simple control of pivot and rotate angle

- Steve

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