Filet & Shell

 From:  Michael Gibson
157.2 In reply to 157.1 
Yeah, this one has a problem surface in it - your fillet was of a greater radius than the bend at one corner of the surface. There is a mechanism built into the filleter that still constructs a surface in these areas, but in this particular case it didn't do a very great job, if you separate this object and turn on control points for that piece, you'll see this:

You can see how dense the control points are in that one region. It probably has very slight wiggles in that area as well. This type of a surface that is very dense with very small wiggles puts a big strain on the surface offsetting, which is the big part of shelling... It's calculating the offset of this one piece that is taking so long.

> Does Shell possible after a filet ?

In general, yes it should be fine with more normal fillets - fillet surfaces that are in normal areas where the fillet radius does not exceed the bend of the surface are a lot cleaner and will work much better.

> (in this example up face has "trimed" edges due the filet ? )

It does, but that itself isn't really a problem for shelling. There are actually some calculations where trimmed surfaces are better.

> Ps A key "escape process" will be cool :)

I know.... :) It's probably going to come closer towards the end of the beta period after most of the features for V1 are in place.

- Michael