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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Jonah, well the tricky part is in MoI the main zoom method with the mouse is the scroll wheel, not Ctrl+RMB. I did also add in Ctrl+RMB so that people familiar with Rhino would feel more at home. (also Ctrl + Alt + LMB for people familiar with some other apps too)

I don't really think that a different modifier key is the best solution. When you get a lot of them, it is just not very easy to remember all of them and also it is not at all obvious to a beginning user that there is a big difference between using Ctrl or Alt to do 2 different styles of zooming.

I'm sure that you have seen that there continues to be questions on the Rhino newsgroup about hitting that "zoom wall" - that's definitely a sign that having an different Alt method for dollying is not obvious enough for people to pick up on.

That's why I developed MoI's solution to this, so that the standard zoom mechanism will not hit that wall and stop.

It isn't 100% perfect since it does have that kind of speed change in it, but it does the basic job of letting you "get over there" instead of stopping in place.

I was thinking that right-click and drag on the zoom icon would give a different zoom method, but I was thinking of making it adjust the perspective view angle instead of moving the camera point.

- Michael