Bug - Meshing don't preview any quad/tri's

 From:  Michael Gibson
1563.8 In reply to 1563.7 
> Is it something that happends sometimes and I have to deal with ?
> or it's also something I can call a bug :)

Hi PaQ - if your object is a fully closed solid like your example here, then that is a bug.

But if your object is not a fully closed solid (if it has some edges that are open and not attached to another surface), then that is not a bug - it isn't generally possible for MoI to automatically determine an inside and outside type region from an open surface.

> the problem actually is that I can't really flip the normals
> in modo because the vertex normal map is not inverted,
> so I still have something wrong.

Can you please report this to the modo developers? When you perform a flip in Modo they should also just flip the vertex normals as well instead of leaving them the same.

I had previously assumed that MoI did not need flipping functionality inside of it because it seemed to me that programs that specialized in polygon editing should be able to handle a pretty basic operation like flipping orientations without messing stuff up....

But that has turned out to be a problem in Modo and Cinema4D as well.

So I would like to add in something to let you see the orientations of open objects and flip them around, I have not quite figured out where to put that yet.

- Michael