Method of Rotation

 From:  Michael Gibson
156.3 In reply to 156.1 
> I'm guessing that the method MoI currently uses is quite common in CAD?

Yes - this method is necessary to do precise rotations that are aligned to other things. It's not just placement of the center of rotation, it's also for being able to capture an exact angle. Here's an example:

The method MoI uses allows for doing a precise rotation of that rectangle such that the rotated copies exactly touch at their endpoints. So enabling that type of stuff is the reason why it is currently set up in this way.

Do you find yourself rotating objects pretty frequently? I'd be interested to know what type of stuff you're doing where you do lots of rotations, it would help me to understand how to improve it when I am able to focus on that area.

> Or am I on my own here? :)

You're definitely not on your own, I've already heard from several other people who would prefer to do it exactly as you are asking for.

I would like to enable this as an option at some point. I have thought some about putting a kind of illustrator-type frame around selected objects that would allow you to grab a grip on the frame to scale or rotate the object. But it is going to be a fair amount of work, I'm not quite sure when it will be possible to do this, I think probably not until after the V1 release...

- Michael