From:  sayd (PEBBL)
Hello its me again, hmm Im having so much questions.
I thought, hey why dont fast create the apple mighty mouse. But...

I found two pic of the mouse which i used as ref. images. In the front view i outlined the mouse. I did the same with the top. Now i dont know any further. I created arcs around the bottom and the front curve to create the hull. But that didnt work out for me, as i couldnt really set the middle of the arc on the respective lines, so alot of tweaking would be necessary which would only make the creation ugly.

Can you give me any tips on how to do create such an object?
I already looked into the bath tutorial but i wasnt able to use the technic here.

Edit: I searched a bit, and watched the tutorial of the sixed legged pod. So i guess i have to use skinning rail! I will try it.

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