Bionicle WIP

 From:  Michael Gibson
155.9 In reply to 155.8 
> Michael has anyone brought up the possibility of a paint or continuous selection
> of faces? Or is it already in there and I don't know. Maybe by holding a key
> (shift) to select many faces on an object without having to click each one.

Well, you can do window select - if you click off in space you can drag a window to select objects. If you start on the left and drag towards the right, only objects completely contained inside the window will be selected. If you start on the right and drag towards the left, any object that intersects the window will be selected (the window outline shows as dashed when in this mode).

Once you have selected a single face on an object that sets the selection context for that object, and then when you window select on it you will be able to window faces. Same thing for edges - if you select a single edge by a click, then any further window selects on that object will target edges.

Is that the kind of thing that you're thinking about? If it isn't, can you describe a bit more about what you would like shift+select to do?

> Also the posing/hierachy and everything would be possible in Moi with a scene tree for v1.

It will get there eventually... I'm not sure about V1 though. It's such a major piece of UI it will take a bunch of time to make it nice. At some point I've just got to wrap things up and push out V1 and then add more stuff for the next version.

- Michael