Bionicle WIP

 From:  Michael Gibson
155.5 In reply to 155.3 
Very cool! These Carrara rendering are really looking nice.

> Michael - Would it be possible to add a toggle that would flip the
> lighting in the display. Sometimes the shadows obscure the model
> at certain angles, it would be nice to be able to hot key and flip the
> light source to the opposite direction.

This should be easy to add for the next beta after today's. But MoI kind of uses a type of double-sided lighting, so it wouldn't have any effect to actually flip it exactly opposite. Maybe flipping it by like 90 degrees so it is coming sort of from the upper-right instead of upper-left?

> Also what would I need to make a shortcut key for "make corner point"
> toggle when drawing a curve?

It's actually already built in - hold the Ctrl key down when you click to make a corner. This works for Curve/Control points, Curve/Through points, and also Edit/Add pt.

- Michael