Orient on surface ?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1543.2 In reply to 1543.1 
Hi Marco, for a general surface this will be difficult because there isn't any method to create a surface normal from a general surface right now.

But it looks like you may have a cylinder surface there? In that case it is possible to create a surface normal by drawing a line from the central axis line.

Once you have a surface normal line as a target, it is possible to use a combination of Transform/Move and Transform/Rotate (or possibly Rotate Axis) to orient the object.

Here is an example for how to do that:

To orient this cylinder to this line, start by selecting the cylinder and running Transform/Move. Pick the base of the cylinder as the start point of the move:

Pick the surface intersection point as the end point of the move:

Then to rotate into place, in this example it can be done by doing a 2D rotate from the Front view. Pick the center of the rotation at the intersection point, and the base angle point at the top of the cylinder:

Then pick the last angle point at the end of the normal line:

This will orient the cylinder in a perpendicular manner:

I definitely want to add some orientation tools to make this easier to do though. For version 1.0 though you have to use moving and rotating as individual steps.

- Michael