Wish - Request / Show curves in yellow when you construct it.

 From:  Michael Gibson
1537.5 In reply to 1537.4 
Hi PaQ,

> you just see nothing of the curve you're drawing
> when there is some geometry in the viewport

It shouldn't normally be the case that you see nothing of the curve - you should be able to see the curve displayed in the dashed hidden line style, you can see this in your own screenshot above.

> Maybe it's possible to force the z-buffer to draw the curve in the front
> of everything during the building, even if the curve is inside an object
> you can still see it.

This is certainly possible - it would definitely be a more natural fit than showing it as selected.

It would mean that you wouldn't get the full depth perception of the curve and how it related to other objects in the scene until you finished drawing it... But yes I think that getting a clearer view of the curve you are drawing is more important

I think I can set it up this way for v2.

- Michael