Wish - Request / Show curves in yellow when you construct it.

 From:  Michael Gibson
1537.2 In reply to 1537.1 
Hi PaQ - the general goal for that was kind of a "What you see is what you get", by which I mean the curve is trying to look generally the same as when you are drawing it as it will when you are finished drawing it.

Also, I've tried to be careful not to use different colors for too many different purposes - the way you show it there is what is currently used only to show that a curve is selected.

It would seem kind of strange to me to make a curve look like you are showing there, then suddenly have it shift to look differently right when you finished drawing it.

However, I guess one method that would not seem as strange would be to have the curve really be selected when it was finished being drawn, then it would make sense to show it that way during the drawing process as well. I don't think that I would do that by default, but maybe I could put in an option for that in v2.

- Michael