My plan, need advice

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Shokan,

> My question is: will MoI export these roughed out organic
> forms in polygon form that is suitable for detailing/sculpting in
> a program such as Silo or Modo?

For doing detailing using brush stroke type operations, then yes, that method would be fine.

But you generally wouldn't use MoI's output polygons to do further box modeling / 3d point manipulation type detailing where you move individual object points around instead of doing brush-based stuff.

Brush based versus box modeling are pretty separate types of polygon object manipulation methods.

> Would I be better off just doing everything for these objects
> in the other programs?

It's not really possible to give a definitive answer to this without knowing more details about what these objects look like. Just the description "organic forms" is way to vague to really know what you want to do.

For many kinds of details it is a good idea to apply those details just with textures and materials instead of trying to add them as actual model detail at all, Steve shows a good example of this.

> My aim is quick easy "sketching" of the object in 3D in
> this something MoI is good for?

Usually yes - in fact this is generally what MoI is all about!

But sketching objects in MoI tends to be driven by drawing and using profile curves that define an object's form.

The more sort of blobby and less distinct an object is, the less easy it becomes to identify profile curves that define it well, and those are the kinds of things that then generally become better to do in box modeling from the beginning.

It is hard to say much specifically without clearer examples of what you want to do though.

- Michael