My plan, need advice

 From:  shokan
I love the way MoI looks. The elegant simplicity reminds me of a polygon program called Amapi that I used about seven years ago. I was spoiled by it's unique tool selection solution and intuitive operation.

I want to create some antique furniture models with MoI and also some organic forms that will appear on the shelves of the antique bookcases I create. I will do most of the furniture construction in MoI for export to a detailing program for texturing and rendering. There will be some objects that I will place on the shelves of the antique furniture. I plan to rough out these forms in MoI and export for detailing etc.

My question is: will MoI export these roughed out organic forms in polygon form that is suitable for detailing/sculpting in a program such as Silo or Modo? Would I be better off just doing everything for these objects in the other programs? My aim is quick easy "sketching" of the object in 3D in this something MoI is good for?