General model questions

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi sayd,

> Cause some parts are bigger than others and just placing
> the references in the top, right and side viewport is not enough.

One way that can help to place a bitmap of a very specific size or alignment is to first draw rectangle curves (using the Draw curve tools) into the scene and then snap on to those when you want to place the background images.

When you are drawing a rectangle, you can control an exact width or height of the rectangle by typing in numbers for those values in the Width: and Height: options that show up in the upper-right options area of the screen.

If you continue to have problems aligning the bitmaps, maybe you could post a .3dm model file that has your current setup in it, then that would make it easier for me to show you some steps on how to fix it up.

> Is there any option so that i can turn the mesh slighlty transparent,
> rather the hide the whole thing?

Sorry no, there is not any way to do this in the current version of MoI.

However, make sure you have the option for "Display hidden-line curves" and "Display hidden-line edges" turned on, these are in the Options dialog in the View section. This gives you some similarity to a transparent view because it allows you to see and also work with edges that would normally be hidden from view.

- Michael