General model questions

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi sayd, the modeling paradigm in MoI is a lot different than polymodeling.

In MoI there isn't as much focus on building a rough 3d shape and then pushing the points of that around to squish it into a different changed shape.

Instead the focus is more on drawing curves that define key profiles of your object, then create your model based off of those curves, sometimes surfacing them using stuff like sweep, loft, etc..., and sometimes cutting and removing material using the profiles.

Instead of squishing your surface (which is still actually possible in some ways just not a primary focus), in MoI you will generally put your effort into manipulating that curve framework instead, before surfaces are created.

I usually compare it to more like drawing or illustrating, where your stuff is more constructed in place, rather than pushing points of surfaces around which tends to be not much like drawing but rather more like sculpting instead.

> What is Moi more suited for? Organic modeling more technical things?

I'd recommend looking at the gallery here: to get a good idea about this.

Also check out the video tutorials here: , those show how to construct some fairly typical style objects.

It is more focused on kind of industrial / technical type stuff. There is a certain kind of "organic" element available since you can use curved forms, but it is not really for more highly detailed organic forms such as faces or creatures or stuff that has little teeny-tiny bumpy or lumpy organic details. MoI's kind of organic is more like broadly sweeping curvy stuff like you would see in consumer products and stuff like that.

- Michael