General model questions

 From:  sayd (PEBBL)
Hi there,
at the moment i am testing the 30-day-trial version of moi, as it seems to be a nice program.
But i have some questions:
First of all, i didnt find a way to do polymodeling. I like to model cars using blueprints. So i create planes and extrude them. After pushing around the vertices i finally get my car. I did not find this opportunity in MoI. Am i able to extrude planes? And i also did not find the option to set the smooting of the planes.
I also tried the tutorial about joan dĀ“arc. And without being able to extrude planes, its pretty though to make.

What is Moi more suited for? Organic modeling more technical things?
Currently im using the open source modeler, renderer, animation program Art of illusion, which is not yet perfected but has all the opportunties. But of course not all the features MoI has.