wish: Polygon control

 From:  Michael Gibson
1520.2 In reply to 1520.1 
Hi Nick, I've added that to the wishlist.

In the meantime, here is a construction technique that you can use to create that kind of polygon right now.

Start with the regular polygon (which makes the "inscribed" inside-the-circle kind) plus its circle like this:

Then run the polygon command again, and drag out some construction lines - put one line at one corner of the polygon and drag it out using tangent straight snap so it is coming off tangent from the circle:

Repeat on the adjacent polygon corner:

Place the center of the new polygon at the same center point, and then use the intersection of these 2 construction lines as its end point, and that will make the outside "circumscribed" style polygon:

Hopefully that will do the job for the moment, but it should not be difficult to add this built in once I am revved up into making new stuff for v2 betas, shouldn't be too much longer before this starts.

- Michael