Bugs: color values; move tool

 From:  Michael Gibson
151.2 In reply to 151.1 
Hi Les, I'm glad that you like the program!

> Color value entry bug:

Thanks for reporting this bug. I have fixed it for the next beta, which should be out in just a couple of days.

> 1. Being able to set the color for the interface BG.

I probably won't be able to make a nice interface for changing it soon, but if you want you can edit some of the UI definition files to change it to your liking.

To do this, run notepad.exe, and then open the file moi.css which is located in the MoI program files directory, in a UI subfolder. So the default location for it is: C:\Program Files\MoI beta Sep-26-2006\ui\moi.css .

At the very top of the file you will see this:



Change the background-color entries to a different color. You may want to use this syntax instead: background-color:rgb(<redval>,<greenval>,<blueval>); for instance, background-color:rgb(0,0,0); for black and background-color:rgb(255,255,255) for white. That uses 0-255 rgb values as in the color picker.

After you save the changed moi.css file, you should see the changes the next time you start MoI.

> would be nice to be able to drag out the tool panels to arrange them, say, next to each other.

It's going to be quite a bit of work to get a system like that in place. I'm afraid I don't think it will feasible anytime soon. But I am thinking that maybe in V2 I may try to have some smaller amount of drag-customizing probably by letting you drag some of your frequently used tools down to the bottom toolbar in the area between "Object snap" and "Options" that is open. But that is quite a ways away itself.

Please let me know if you find yourself having to very frequently switch between different tabs (and what in particular you're needing to get at). I've tried to cluster related things within a single tab, and my hope is that a lot of the time you will be using some of the same tools that are open for a stretch of time.

- Michael