Bugs: color values; move tool

 From:  pentool


New user here!
OMG, what a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful concept! It's such a pleasure to work with this proggy! I'm definately going to purchase this when it's available - provided it will be within my budget.

Forgive me if the followings bugs already posted.

Color value entry bug:
1. Bring up a color dialog, such as Options > Background Color
2. In the RGB value fields in the standard color dialog, you can only type in 2 digit values, yet when you pick colors using the mouse, there are clearly 3 digit numbers for RGB.

Move tool bug:
Sorry, I delete this. I was drunk and did something wrong :-)

While I'm at it, I'll put in some suggestions/requests/recommendations.
1. Being able to set the color for the interface BG. I refer to the tool bar (light blue) that runs along the bottom and right side.
2. I'm running a 1600x1200 screen and would be nice to be able to drag out the tool panels to arrange them, say, next to each other. I have enough screen realestate to separate, for example, the 'Construct' panel from the 'Transfrom' panel. So I could see the tools in them all at once, as opposed to click 'Construct' once, then click 'Transform' once, etc, etc.

Keep up the GREAT work!


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