From:  GuruofGold (NHWADIA)
Dear All,

So many helpers !!! Wow!

Thanks Pilou ! In four small drawings you have explained EVERYTHING. How can I thank you?
Did you make those sketches especially "pour MoI" ? Excuse the horrid pun - it was intentional.

Now, we have the candlestick sort of figure in the top left corner; how could I pour cement into it (so to speak) and make it a solid?
If I am taking advantage of your favour, then forgive me. We Zoroastrians have a saying," I extended one little finger, and he grabbed my whole arm!".

Thanks George. A sweet, short list that I shall definitely refer to many times. It did help.

Last but hardly the least, Thanks Michael. Yes I know Rhino; I am a sort of paterfamilias and mentor for several jewellery (jewelry to you) schools in Bombay. Strictly honorary jobs and a personal pleasure to do. I had suggested Rhino to several junior colleagues, and together with Ideas it has become almost a standard for us here. I tried it for myself, along with the first several pages of tutorials, but I did not have time to persevere, and so there are specialised teachers in the schools. (Hence the POMPOUS handle Guru etc.).

But, in sheer simplicity, in sheer intuitiveness, in the cleanliness of its interface, its INVITING look, your programme emerges a winner, many lengths ahead. I wish you great luck.

And, when you are ready, perhaps you will allow me to introduce it as distributor to India. My name is Nariman H. Wadia, and I am a consultant to most of the jewellers in my country, mostly as a friend, sometimes as a paid consultant. I make my bread and butter selling complete factories, equipment and supplies. Casting machines, laser welders, laser engravers, small CNCs, usw. I am well known in my field (again the pomposity!) and most designers and manufacturers do know me, as I have been in this line since my early teens, over 50 years. Your price point will sell well here....

Once again How can I thank you, ALL?