From:  GuruofGold (NHWADIA)
Dear Michael,

I had the great good fortune to come upon MoI a few days ago. I am strictly a pencil and paper designer (freehand at that!) and did try several CAD programmes. I found the learning curves too steep for my 67 year old brain.

But bloody hell! MoI is as instinctive as you can get. I am enjoying learning it. Just love the curves...

As a Beta version are you expecting those who would mainly benefit from the utter simplicity of your programme to interact with you? Or, as seems to be the case, most experienced users seem to be writing in with difficult problems?

Because: the final programme will probably maintain its simplicity, for simple users like me.

My problem as a RANK beginner is: I do not even know what the terms mean !!! After making a simple brooch, with holes for precious stones usw., I KNOW that I should be able to "Loft" parts of it into 3d levels. But WHAT is "Loft"? How to use it? What is "trim"? "Extend"?

If the beta needs duffers like me to post comments, then please can there not be a brief description of each command and the method of use? I accept that two months into the project, no-one can expect a full-fledged manual, but your beginning prospectives need JUST a little help, without running to the other group members for clarifications or ideas.

Too, please, please give me an idea of final price before I get completely hooked on this thing!!! Ballpark-ish?

...and the NAME !!! Moment of Inspiration - itself an inspired choice.

Guru of Gold