need help!!! how can i export a single disjoint mesh, with no materials to LWO?

 From:  Michael Gibson
1499.2 In reply to 1499.1 
Hi Jonah,

> But the pasted polygons are not smoothed by their respective maps
> anymore. They render as faceted mesh. What to do? =(

This part sounds like a bug in Modo -- from what you describe it sounds like they don't merge the vertex normal data properly when merging polygons together.

I was thinking that some kind of scripting inside of Modo would probably help to automate the process of merging and deleting things, etc..., but I guess that if the merging just doesn't work right then scripting won't help.

I should be able to figure out some method to help you out though.

One question - will OBJ format work for you in this case? Can you do a small test and see if that seems like it will work?

If that looks like it will work, it should be really easy for me to make a little utility program that strips out the object/group label directives in it, which should make the whole file appear as one single big mesh object. It is not quite as easy to do this for LWO format, but if OBJ does not work for you I can figure something else out.

- Michael