need help!!! how can i export a single disjoint mesh, with no materials to LWO?

 From:  jbshorty
Hi Michael. I am working on a project where i need to export about 150 polysurfaces as a single mesh entity to Modo via LWO. I have hit 2 roadblocks. One is that i can't export multiple objects as one disjoint mesh. The other is that i can't disable the exporting of object material to LWO. So when importing to Modo I've got 150 seperate meshes and 150 material groups. UGGGGHHHH... The 150 material groups can be deleted manually. But there is a bigger problem because each mesh also has it's own normal smoothing map. With native Modo objects, polygons from one object can be cut/pasted from one mesh item into another. This is very time consuming for 150 meshes. But the bigger problem is caused by each MoI object having it's own vertex normal map. The maps also cut/paste from one object into another as I cut/paste the polygons. So I end up with 150 maps in the consolidated item. But the pasted polygons are not smoothed by their respective maps anymore. They render as faceted mesh. What to do? =(

Is there any way around this problem? I need to tackle this for a render tomorrow. I could use Rhino OBJ export, but this is already a heavy object. I need to keep the mesh as light as possible using MoI's n-gon export...

Also i would like to request these 2 options for LWO export:

1) option to export all items as one disjoint mesh (with one vertex normal map of course)
2) option to discard materials