Hello - another new user

 From:  -ash-
Hello Michael, everyone.

Brian and Frenchy have been extolling the virtues of MoI over on polyloop.net for a while now and I though it was time I gave this program a look. So I downloaded the trial. I'm a hobbyist and though I've never done nurbs modeling before this app is very approachable and I'm finding MoI easy to get into.

After learning a bit I started tweaking the interface and then tweaking some more :-) . This app is really configurable! Once I'd spent a couple of weekends delving into the UI folder and working up some icons I knew I was going to buy. So out came the plastic and here I am.

I've been working on an idea for an old machine. It's just kind of evolving as I go along - MoI makes it easy to do that. Like sketching in 3D. Here is a screen grab from MoI and a quick test render in Carrara 6.


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