Some UI Ideas?

 From:  WillBellJr
I have to ask, is it really any different having it on the side than the bottom?

I mean, if this is to avoid the common occurance of having the icons get in the way when moving an object - it'll just get in the way when moving right rather than down??

Now if it's a preference, then of course I understand...

If MOI's view controls were on a "pane" above each viewport similar to say Lightwave and Cinema4d that would eliminate the situation altogether (and of course that would unfortunately take away space from each viewport BUT that viewport tool pane is pretty common among 3D apps and that would open up space for other tools to fit there as well...)

I'm not even suggesting or recommending this, I'm just wondering if this new layout was to avoid the problem that has been voiced with the icons being in the way?

I'm so used to the icons at the bottom, I just try to avoid having them get in the way when moving stuff around...