Stirling Engine Model

 From:  Frenchy Pilou (PILOU)
Carrara rocks :)

May this can interest you also; (export to Google Sketchup from Moi in 3ds format)
Google Sketchup has "Physics engine" inside so you can make some pedagogic animations!
like this one (sorry the SKP file model is not more availabe ( I ask to the autor to reput it)
Ok it's available now ! :) (post 2)
Of course for see it in movment you must have Google Sketchup and Sketchyphysic2 (all is free)
Of course the little colors icons can be hidden on the model during the animation!
And you can Zoom, move rotate during the animation or change anything!

And of course directly to render in Podium the more easy render :)

EDITED: 25 Mar 2008 by PILOU

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